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Nowadays we live in a digitalized world which gives us new ways to tell our storys. As Confucius said:

„Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.

Therefore Virtual Reality is the tool to let people understand our ideas and to get them involved.


Experience UE in VR

With that in mind Jelena Mönch, Isabelle Pryzwanski and Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp created a virtual Tour through all campuses of the UE.



They shot highquality 360° realfootage videos, with a moving and flying camera. In postproduction they added information such as guiding systems or text boxes as well as all kinds of animations. 


The Multicampus Tour contains 360° Videos of Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn.

Video length

All Videos are max. 5 minutes long. „We tried 3 min, but for having a bit time to look around that’s too short.“


Voiceover is an AI Voice powered by IBM Watson. This gave the possibility to easily update the spoken text.

Multiplatform Support

– View it on any Smartphone or Tablet by using the Youtube App. (move your device or use your  finger to look in another direction.)

– View it on the Oculus Go(preload, best suitable for presentations at fair booth or open days).

– View it in any browser on your Desktop or Laptop Computer(Move image by pointing and dragging with your mouse)

– View it in our giveaway cardboard VR-glasses(just put your smartphone into the holder).

11Campus Tour Berlin

Campus Tour Iserlohn


How to VR

Click here to get to the Tutorial.



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